March 30, 2016

Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home AbuseMany West Virginians entrust professionals at nursing homes throughout the state to provide their elderly loved ones the care they legally and morally deserve. It can be devastating to discover that a nursing home has abused or neglected a loved one. Some signs of nursing home neglect are subtle while others are alarmingly obvious. Either way, once nursing home abuse is suspected, the victim and his or her family can consider legal action to receive compensation for their injuries and damages.

Some instances of nursing home abuse occur when a nursing home is understaffed. Other types of nursing home neglect may include intentional psychological abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, or financial abuse.

When visiting a loved one in a nursing home, pay attention to details. Signs of possible nursing home neglect may include unexplained weight loss, an unkempt and unclean appearance, bedsores, unsafe wandering, and depressed mood.

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